ASOS Have Launched A Minnie Mouse Face Mask And We Need It

Just when you thought you had enough of sheet masks, ASOS launch this…

Now if you said you were totally over sheets masks, we wouldn’t blame you, because they are everywhere, BUT, this one you really need to know about. Why we hear you ask? Well, this one features one of Disney’s most iconic characters and is therefore a high contender for being the product of your dreams.

The Minnie Mouse face mask has got us, and every Disney fan out there utterly obsessed.

And ASOS, where the mask is currently sold, is selling out fast. In an interview ASOS said that customers are going nuts over the mask in recent weeks, which really isn’t surprising, because if you’re gonna wear a sheet mask it might as well as Disney!

As for its actual skincare benefits, each mask is enriched with rosewater, renowned as an ingredient for its soothing and hydrating benefits, but best of all, the £3.50 price tag makes it totally budget friendly.

Using it couldn’t be easier, simply start with a freshly-washed face and place over your face ensuring your eyes and lips match up to the holes. Then sit back, relax and leave on for 10 -12 minutes. Once it’s removed, wipe off any excess from the skin to admire your reflection in all its dewy post-mask glory. Just don’t forget the selfie!

By Perdita Nouril