Best Body Oils: Tried And Tested By LOOK

Winter is upon us and our skin is inevitably going to get drier and deseperate for some TLC. Just because those pins aren’t on full display 24/7 doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention and hydration.

What better a way to sort out our dry, lackluster skin then with some glow-getting body oils, to leave our limbs looking luscious, moisturised and perfectly preened.

Go for oil over a body cream when your skin is particularly parched and crying out for a moisture surge! Whether you’re skin is aging, dry, or simply looking a bit dull, these do-it-all hydrating oils are your answer to softer supple skin.

Read More… Thought facial oil’s were an oily skinned girl’s worst enemy? Think again!

Whether you want to stick to a tight budget or spend fabulously on your body oil – the market is catering to all options.

Have a look at our faves…