The Best Products For Sensitive Skin

From eczema to redness, we've got you covered.

Forget wrinkles, irritated skin is one of our biggest beauty anxieties. These days we are exposed to so much, its no wonder sensitivity is on the rise.

A recent study by Lancôme found that two in three women suffer some form of flare-up at least once a year. But what do you do when you’re suffering? Unfortunately your go-to creams wont cut it. Thankfully a clan of calmers are here to stop the itch, scratch cycle and soothe angry areas ASAP.


Eczema & Itching

Anyone that’s suffered with Eczema knows that it’s very hard to treat, especially on children. Farm Baby Moisturiser, £3.99, recently wet viral after a mother posted before and after pictures of her babies miraculous skin recovery. After using it for just one week it had nearly all gone – she thinks it should be available on the NHS.

La Roche Posay’s latest breakthrough is also nothing short of genius. One of the biggest issues with eczema is the dreaded itching. Succumbing to the scratch only increases inflammation, damages the barrier function of the skin and makes it more susceptible to future flare-ups. The solution is the Lipikar Stick AP+, £13. It not only heals, protects and restores broken damaged areas, it tricks the skin into thinking it’s being scratched as you apply it, and stops the impulsive itch. It’s also small enough to take anywhere. All Hail La Roche.

Dry Skin

When your skin is particularly dry it can be hard to pick the right cleanser. Some wipes and washes tend to strip the skin, drying it out further. Avene’s 3 in 1 Eye Make-Up Remover and Gentle Milk Cleanser, £11.50, is a no rinse formula, so it gets everything off without any trauma.

Follow with Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Sensitive, £59 – a bottle of good bacteria for your face. Three probiotics work together to quickly bring down any inflammation and deeply soothe, all the while delivering anti-ageing and antioxidant benefits to build your skin back to hydrated health.


Felling flushed? A rosy face tends to be a giveaway that you’re dealing with stressed skin. Just like the name suggests Ren’s EverCalm Anti-Redness Serum, £29, will ward off pink patches. It strengthens capillary walls, boosts good bacteria and protects it from further environmental harm so that your skin’s better equipped to beat the blush.

Sun Protection

It’s lightweight, non-comedogenic and anti-ageing. It’s Eucerin’s sun fluid and it’s only £20. We can’t remember what life was like before it…