People With Blue Eyes Apparently Share These Personality Traits…

Do you?

Eyes are frequently called the window to the soul, and apparently for good reason too. We’ve all joked about what our hair colour says about our personality – blondes have more fun, brunettes are more serious and redheads have fiery tempers – but according to a recent study, published in Current Biology, having blue eyes could actually say something more about your personality.

The study saw researchers analyse the personality traits and eye colour of people of a Northern European decent.

People with blue eyes share these personality traits

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Their results say that people with lighter (predominantly blue) eyes have a tendency to be “egocentric, competitive and sceptical”, while people with dark eyes are said to be more “agreeable”.

Scientists believe that it has to do with evolutionary roots. Thousands of years ago, Northern Europeans found lighter eyes more appealing. Therefore, blue-eyed people developed a competitive edge in this geographical area as blue eyes were rarer.

Explaining their results the researchers added “the rare-colour advantage of light-eyed females is likely to increase the chance of being noticed by a male.

“Moreover, competitive personality traits (such as wanting to beat others and being sceptical of others’ intentions) secure the long-term commitment necessary for self and offspring survival.”


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Another study on eye colour, conducted by German psychologists in 2006, showed that children with light eyes were more timid and inquisitive. They were more suspicious of new things, and were significantly less open around their peers than their dark-eyed friends.

So, to conclude, people with blue eyes are curious yet cautious and are determined to succeed, no matter the competition. Do you agree?

By Ella Proctor