Camera-ready complexions: how to prep your skin like a pro

Promotional feature with NIVEA

Because getting a flawless complexion doesn’t have to be complicated…

If, like most of us, expensive skincare is more of a luxury than regular occurrence IRL, you’ve landed in the right place.

We caught up with NIVEA’s expert make-up artist Lauren Murphy, who is part of NIVEA’s backstage team at The Voice UK, to ask her advice about go-to products for complexion perfection.

‘To achieve a flawless camera-ready finish your skin needs to be cleansed and properly prepped before applying make-up. That means it’ll have staying-power under the bright lights,’ she explains.

Cue Lauren’s favourite skincare saviours that’ll help give you clear, Insta-perfect skin. No filter required…

1. Add micellar water to your daily skincare routine

‘Micellar water has long been fabled as the French-girl secret to beautiful skin and is something I use regularly when I’m prepping skin backstage,’ says Lauren.

‘The caring formula of NIVEA’s MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water cleanses, moisturises and creates the perfect base for a flawless make-up look’.


2. Choose products that can multi-task

To help speed things up when she’s backstage, Lauren uses double-duty beauty products. ‘The key to a long-lasting base is to moisturise and apply a primer before any make-up goes on. I love the fact that NIVEA’s Daily Essentials 24hr Moisture + Express Primer does both – it’s genius!’




3. Treat your skin to a weekly detox

‘After a wearing make-up all week it’s important to use a deep pore cleanser,’ she explains. That’s where NIVEA’s Daily Essentials 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask + Purify, 75ml, comes in. It’s designed to deeply cleanse and revive skin in just 60 seconds. ‘It’s the perfect skincare rescue for when I want to give the acts fresh and glowing skin,’ Lauren explains.

Don’t miss this week’s episode of The Voice and keep your eyes peeled for NIVEA’s backstage team who’ll be backstage helping the acts get ready. Oh, to be there…