Charcoal Peel-Off Masks Are Going Viral RN

Get it right, and it's SO satisfying... Get it wrong, and it HURTS

Charcoal peel-off masks are going viral right now. But for two very different reasons.

It’s no secret that charcoal makes for a great skincare ingredient. With its spot-busting and black-head clearing properties, charcoal is great for drawing out sebum from deep-down inside of your pores. But recently, charcoal peel-off masks have been trending for a very different reason.

The internet is currently filled with social media videos and memes of people applying their charcoal peel-off masks, and then crying in pain when it comes to peeling them off. Disclaimer: we realise this is very bad for your skin and absolutely do not recommend you trying out ANY of the masks you see people use in these videos gone wrong, but we’ve got to admit… they’re q. hilarious.

However, there are some good masks out there. That will draw out impurities without leaving your skin red raw. As with any peel-off mask, if you have a lot of facial fluff, these can be uncomfortable when it comes to peeling them off. But it shouldn’t hurt. If you start peeling and it hurts – wash it off with warm water and a gentle facial oil. Don’t attempt to continue!

If in doubt, try a charcoal pore strip, rather than a full-on charcoal peel-off mask. That way, you still get all the pore clearing goodness (and the satisfaction of seeing all the gunk left over on the strip) without being overly harsh on your skin.

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