The Latest Storybook Inspired Makeup Palette Is From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

This one holds a special place in our hearts because, chocolate.

We’re a sucker for any palette, but if there’s one that was always going to hold a special place in our hearts it’s this. Storybook Cosmetics just dropped a big, chocolatey bomb and put the first pictures up of their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired eye shadow palette.

I don’t think we need to tell you that It looks real good. The brand told us back in April that the palette was in the making and since then we’ve been patiently waiting for any updates.


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We had almost forgotten about it until they posted a sneak peak of swatches last Thursday showing off the ‘muted watercolour’ shades which they specifically chose because they match the colour scheme in the original books.

There are 12 eye shadows, all with fantastically fitting names based on the characters from the books. There’s a sparkly plum purple ‘Violet Beauregarde’ and a matte nude ‘Augustus Gloop’.

But the gorgeous, glittery ‘Golden Ticket’ is the star shade, obvs. We took a trip to the Storybook site but couldn’t actually see the palettes available to buy anywhere and unfortunately the Insta posts don’t seem to say when we will be able to buy one, but it does say online that they’ll be released in ‘Summer 2017’ so basically our only hope on bagging one of them is to just keep checking * refreshes page * .


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