Cut-Creasing: Why You Need To Try This Beauty Hack

If I told you that the secret to perfect eyeshadow was sitting in your kitchen cutlery draw, you’d probably think I was losing it – right?

Well stay with me here, because the answer to a beautifully-blended eye, is in fact a spoon. Yep, US beauty blogger, Brittnery Foley (aka, @Beautifoles) revealed the clever make-up hack on her instagram feed, and now we’re hooked. The handy cheat invloves holding a spoon just above the socket-line and using it as a guide for creating cut-crease eyeshadow.

So what is ‘cut-creasing’, I hear you ask?

The clever make-up trick has long been loved by professional make-up artists in the industry, as it’s an easy way to craft the illusion of bigger eyes.

It’s pretty simple, and works by adding a line of dark shadow just above your eyelid crease, to fake the illusion of bigger eyes. This is then blended out and softened with other shades.

You can even add a swipe of glitter like beauty blogger @Cosmobyhayley, to take your cut-crease to a whole new level.

Still confused? Let us break it down for you…

Step One:

Step Two:

Kim Kardashian uploaded a cut-creasing video tutorial to her app, in which her make-up artist used a taupey grey shadow to cut-crease her lids, proving the look works for both day and night – depending how dark your shadows are.

When it comes to cut-creasing you can be experimental and use a combination of shadows from the same colour palette, but always remember to use the lighter tones on the lid and the darkest shade in the crease of your eyes.

We love the Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, £34, as it contains a spectrum of complimentary shades that’ll work a treat for sharpening up your lids.

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, £34

Team your look with a killer eyeliner flick and lashings of mascara (a la Kim Kardashian) and you’ll be good to go.