Dimpleplasty Is The New Cosmetic Surgery Trend And WTF


Blame social media, blame society norms – whatever the cause – cosmetic surgery is on the up. And now, there’s a new trend amongst people getting plastic surgery… and it’s called Dimpleplasty.

We know, right.

WTF Is Dimpleplasty?

As the name suggests, dimpleplasty is a cosmetic procedure for people who want cheek dimples. Welcome to 2017 and what a time it is to be alive.

Now, we’re not going to lie. Yes, cheek dimples are ridiculously CUTE. Just look at Chezza and ol’ H Styles, both of which have fabulous faces and even more fabulous cheek dimples. But actually PAYING MONEY and going UNDER THE KNIFE in order to achieve said dimples???? Nah, we’re alright thanks babes.


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The procedure (which costs upwards of £1,000) involves creating a small incision inside the patients mouth, and will create a semi-permanent dimple effect for around two months.


Apparently the procedure takes about 30 minutes, and had “very little downtime” but call us crazy, we’re not convinced.

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What do you reckon, would you pay £1K for dimpleplasty? Just IMAGINE the shoes you could buy. And they’d last you FOREVER.

Please tweet us @lookmagazine if you’ve had the procedure because we are seriously intrigued. (Also maybe lend us a tenner too)