The Affordable New Skincare Brand That’s All Over Instagram

Dr. Jart+

There’s a new Korean-inspired skincare brand on the UK beauty shelves, and it’s awesome. Introducing Dr Jart+.

You might’ve already seen the products all over instagram (they’re seriously insta-worthy). Or if you’re a big Youtube watcher, you might be familiar through US bloggers (the brand is already huge in the States.)

But now, for the first time, Dr Jart+ is available at Selfridges. And it’s surprisingly affordable.

Dr Jart+ Is FINALLY Available In The UK

So, what is it and why do you need it? Well, they’ve got tonnes of skincare products – all of which feature top ingredients and formulations. But tbh, it’s their face masks that are the most hyped about. There’s a rubber face mask (that’s all over instagram) a bubble face mask and micro-fibre sheet masks. All have super fun packaging, and are really affordable – but actually work too.

Lets take the rubber face mask for example. Sure, it looks CRAZY and that’s probably one of the reasons why it’s so popular right now. But it’s not all pretty packaging. It’s made of a highly concentrated serum that contains spot-busting and firming salicylic acid, plus moisturising red seaweed. Then once you’ve applied the serum, the rubber mask is placed on top to prevent the ingredients from evaporating off the skin. Clever, hey?

Another sell out is their BB creams that have been much hyped about in Asia since the early noughties. At just £3.99, it’s an absolute bargain and was the brand’s first-ever product. The hardworking cream moisturises, conceals and protects with SPF30 for smooth, radiant skin.

The brand has launched in Selfridges with prices starting at just £3.99 and going up to £35.