Emily Ratajkowski’s Hair Is One More Reason Why We Want To Chop All Ours Off

She's joined the bob squad, along with the rest of the world...

It started with Emma Watson. She spent her screen time with long, thick locks, we didn’t really know her any other way. And then, BAM. In a rather drastic fashion, she decided to cut all her hair off.

It was bold and it was beautiful. But most importantly it got us thinking whether or not we could carry off such a dramatic do. We mulled it over, we picked up the scissors and put them down. Next it was Selena Gomez. A poster girl for long hair and the previous face of Pantene, this time it was different. We felt like a part of hair had gone too (obviously we were still too chicken for that).

Then came Bella Hadid and by this point we started to think that just maybe short hair CAN suit everyone. Our fears of looking like a little boy were fading away and Google searches of haircut prices at local hairdressers ensued. Emily Ratajkowski, however, is the final straw.


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After taking to Instagram to show off her new found bob/lob (there is some discrepancy here, we haven’t decided which one it is) we have never been so inspired to shorten our strands.

Since debuting the ‘do she has since uploaded some photos of her with long hair again. Could it just be a wig?

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We’re not entirely sure. Either way this has given us the push we need to go short. If not now, then when? Summer’s over, our hair has been frazzled within an inch of its life – if we stepped foot in a salon they’d probably take one look at us and reach for the scissors anyway.

Just a ‘trim’ wouldn’t really cut it (pun intended), nope, we’re going for the long haul. Head to your nearest salon and book an appointment, just make sure you’re armed with a pic of Em’s perfect crop.