Eyebrow Microblading – What Is It?

It’s the new way to get the best brows ever. Cara Delevingne, eat your fabulous heart out…

The trend for having full, lush brows isn’t going anywhere. As coveted as a pair of Delevingne-esque eyebrows are, if you haven’t got much to play with it’s a different trend to pull off. Unless you get on the Microblading bandwagon…

Microblading may sound like a new fitness trend or way to trim a bush but it’s actually a skill designed to up your brow content to wonderfully bushy proportions. Originally from Asia, it’s actually a style of tattoo artistry but unlike the harsh, cartoonish tattooed brows we have seen in the past, a pair of microbladed brows are hyper realistic.

Microblading: What’s the deal?

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The incredible end result is all down to the skilful technique of the blade wielder. A microblade tool implants pigment under the skin. It’s also manual which means each and every new ‘hair’ is hand drawn by the technician resulting in the finest brow overhaul we have ever seen.

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Because the pigment is planted just below the skin, the brow strokes are temporary. With a long-term tattoo the ink goes much deeper. The actual strokes are around three times thinner than that of regular semi-permanent make up.

According to experts it isn’t as painful as you might expect. Overall it feels like scratches… You feel it but it’s not unbearable.

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So, how long will your new brows last if they’re only temporary? The colour can fade after around two weeks but usually lasts up to eighteen months depending on the individual.

Camille Beaute Microblading London recommends an annual top-up to keep your new brows groomed and in excellent shape. Camille uses a row of fine needles to add the pigmentation for a fee of £196 and can be booked via Treatwell.

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The before and after pictures will blow your mind. All of a sudden our sparse brows have the chance to become wonderful, bushy babies! Plus, no more worrying about brow powder or pencil sweating off during the day or (always) forgetting to apply your brow growth gel.

By Ellen Kerry