This Genius Fake Eyelash Hack Is Going To Change Your Life


There are few things in this world worse than screwed up false eyelashes.

Not only because one un-crumpled fake lash is useless so you have to splash out on another pair, but also because it looks suspiciously like a ginormous spider when you spot one lurking in the corner of your bedroom floor.

And don’t get us started on the glue. The glue brings its own world of painful problems with it.

But also, where do you store the bloody things – in your purse? They get smushed. On the side in your bathroom? They fall on the floor and get smushed. Bedside table? You guessed it. End result, smushed.

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That’s probably why this false eyelash hack went viral earlier in the week. Trust us when we say that once you see it, you’ll never go back.

Twitter user Dani shared the innovative beauty storage hack below and, frankly, the girl deserves a medal for bringing the inexpensive fake lash fix into all our lives.

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Yep. She stores them in the little capsule you find inside a Kinder Egg. Genius.

While some Twitter users pointed out that some false eyelashes do come in a reusable packet, Dani said the lashes she uses come in a huge box and therefore don’t fit in her clutch. (Night out problems. We feel that.)

So if you’re in the same boat as Dani, treat yourself to a Kinder Egg next time you’re in Tesco. Your falsies will thank you for it.

By Lucy Abbersteen