This Is The Fastest Selling Beauty Supplement

Spoiler: it's for your hair.

Hands up if you wish you had longer, stronger, healthier hair. Yup, that’s everyone then.

In our quest we’ve tried various different things like smothering our heads with coconut oil and rinsing it in cold water.

But, like most things in beauty, it’s what’s inside that counts which is why more and more people are starting to take supplements.

There are literally hundreds of hair supplements available, but one in particular seems to be flying off the shelves.

Hairburst, which sound and look like sweets are the UK’s fastest selling supplement, with one being sold every 60 seconds.

Ingredients include biotin, collagen, folic acid and selenium, zinc calcium and hyaluronic acid, which combined all work together to boost the health of your hair.

It’s packed full of other healthy vitamins too like A, B, C and D which help with your general health and so improve your locks.

But, what’s the big deal and why are these ones SO special. A lot of companies out there claim to they can make a difference, but with no real evidence of growth recorded. And really you’re not going to be measuring your hair with a ruler every day are you?

Hairburst carried out clinical trials which found that 90% of people noticed their hair was growing notably faster and that it looked shinier, plus 97% said it felt thicker.

Although it wasn’t specified how many people took part in the study or how long, the results are pretty impressive and we like the sound of those odds.

That’s one more pill to add to the daily set, then.