What Are Banana Buns And Why Are They All Over Pinterest?

Trust us, they're easier than they look...

While they might sound like a bit of a joke banana buns are now a serious thing. Yes, don’t laugh, we didn’t choose the name. Coined by the French, this new shabby-girl-chic style was discovered by Byrdie who took a look at Pinterest insights and found that in general French girls are searching for effortlessly, lived in looking styles that are easy to create (aka some of the hardest hairstyles to do).

Believe it or not, the banana bun came up trumps. Make no mistake, this is not any old bun. If you’re thinking about the classic twist or topknot, you are wandering very far off the right road. Forget slicked back, forget tight – those ‘facelift buns’ are very much out. The banana bun is loose, low and messy.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific structure, and by that we mean no two banana buns look the same, if you’re collecting your hair at the nape of your neck, twisting it together and finally securing it with pins, you’re pretty much good to go.

Make sure you leave front sections out as this is what really gives the style its slept-in-chic look. We suggest using some texturising powder before attempting to create your banana bun to give your hair some grip and help it stay in place.

Bellow is all the bun inspo you could ever need, so get crafting…