GlamGlow’s New Duo Mask Gave Me The Best Skin of My Life

They've only gone and done it again.

When it comes to masks GlamGlow are up there. A quick look in my bathroom cabinet and my obsession is clear, I’ve got every single mask in the collection and even went as far as getting the metallic blue Sonic one – because, it’s GlamGlow, duh.

Anyway, When I heard that there was a new offering I knew it was only right for me to be the one to review it. After all, I am their number one fan.

The GlamGlow DreamDuo claims to be skincare version of a lip plumping gloss – without the extreme tingling and burning sensation, just FYI.

You whack it on before bed and come morning your skin is firm and plump as a newborn babe. Being savvy with their packaging, they’ve gone and put it in a big old silver pot, which quite frankly even I (without my glasses) wouldn’t miss, so it’s not going to go walk about.

GlamGlow DreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment, £42

Open it up and it’s in two sections, step 1 is a serum enriched with green tea and green coffee (who knew), which come together as a ‘DreamSerum’, combating lines, sagging skin and dark spots.

Next, step 2: ‘DreamSeal’ seals in all the green goodness of the first step and adds hydrating hyaluronic acid and yet more green coffee and algae. As suggested, I applied the DreamSerum and left it to soak in for the advised 30 seconds, then followed with the DreamSeal.

While it’s an overnight treatment, I am pretty impatient and wanted to see the results ASAP, so I put it on early in the night then left it for a few hours. First impressions – my skin feels like silk and it’s got that gorgeous dewy finish that you normally only get after an hour long facial.

A couple of hours later it’s still looking pretty damn good and my skin’s looking pretty poreless. Come next morning I am still glowing. At £42 it might seem expensive, but considering I look like I’ve spent a few hours with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s facialist it’s worth every single penny and more.