Glossier’s First Ever Fragrance is Finally Here

And the main ingredient is… well, er... YOU

We’re still buzzing from the fact that we can get our favourite Instagram-famous beauty essentials from Glossier in the UK. We’re sure your excitement hasn’t worn off either, but to keep the fire burning, we have some news big for you!

Glossier You, the first fragrance by the cult beauty brand is finally here! Yes, you read it right. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’d have noticed the teasers on Instagram. If you’re as obsessed with the US brand as we are and have been impatiently waiting for the Glossier fragrance launch, today is your lucky day – Glossier You is now available to purchase online.

Emily Weiss, founder of the brand, describes the fragrance as ‘the ultimate personal fragrance’. Why? Because YOU are its main ingredient. The Glossier fragrance made up of base notes mainly, which makes it last longer and lets your personal scent finish it off. Creating You took over 30 tries (36 to be exact) and the final scent has notes of long-lasting, addictive musk, cosy and warm ambrette, smooth, salty ambrox, spicy and sparkling pink pepper, green, earthy iris root and… you!

‘I don’t want to be taken to the Swiss Alps or the white sand beaches of Tahiti just by smelling this,’ says Emily Weiss, ‘ I’ve been craving something that whispers instead of shouts. And that’s what You is.’ And we can’t agree more. The low-key personal scent is just what our fragrance shelf needs. And with the beautiful sleek bottle, designed by Glossier’s in-house designer Laura Yeh, we’re sure it will sit there perfectly well.

Glossier You isn’t your typical fragrance, it’s more of a ‘skin smell enhancer’ – it is warm, it is personal, it is YOU. And the best part of it is that you can have it in two to five business days for £45.

By Kristina Ivanova