Here’s How To Have Amazing Hair When There’s No Time To Wash It

Forgo a few hair washes with our fail-safe guide to nailing day-three hair

Washing your hair is an effort, even those blessed with shorter, low maintenance strands will agree, sometimes you don’t have the time to do the whole lather, condition and rinse.

That’s when our trusty, die hard beauty bestie dry shampoo steps in and saves the day.

But blasting your roots 3-days running can cause the rest of your hair to look a bit meh.

That’s why we’ve enlisted Michael Lendon, Aveda’s Advanced Master Creative Director to give us tips on how to bring a new lease of life to every inch of your locks…

Greasy Roots

Soap And Glory Rushower Scent-sational Dry Shampoo, £4

‘Day-3 roots are more oily and the top of your hair starts to look greasy which makes it limp and flat. This happens because of a build-up of excess sebum on the scalp. Use a powder-based product that not only refreshes the roots but also adds lift.’


Dehydrated Mid-lengths

‘Hair looking a bit tangled and knotted? Spritz Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner, £26 through mid-lengths to ends. Not only will it protect your hair against second-day heat styling but it will also leave it looking smoother.’


Parched Split Ends

Living Proof Nourishing Oil, £36

‘Most people find their ends begin to feel drier before coming to wash-day, this is because damage is more prominent in this area of our hair so we feel like our split ends have become more visible. Reach for a rich oil to nourish, refresh and seal split ends.’