Huda Beauty’s Rose Gold Palette Is Being Discontinued


Why is it that that the moment you cant have something you want it a thousand times more? The human brain is so annoying. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s how we feel right now about the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette because it’s just been announced that  you wont be able to get your hands on it for much longer.

We had a hunch that something wasn’t right after swatches of the palette went up on Instagram, with the caption: ‘this might be your last chance to purchase it.’ Later on our worst fears were confirmed when the brand reps spoke to PopSugar, confirming that the dreamy palette will be removed from stores in October. WA.

Apparently it’s to make way for the hotly anticipated Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. We cant see why both palettes cant just live together in this world, but apparently it’s just not meant to be. As you can tell by our reaction, fans were equally if not more distressed by the news.

Here she is 💗💗💗 revealed at the SDCAs first!!#HudaBeautyDesertDusk #HudaBeautySeptember18

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‘Why discontinue it?‘, wrote one. And a particularly angry customer said: ‘Why discontinue such a great palette? You make so many people sad. Would have wanted to purchase another but now it is out of stock again. It was always out of stock. Hard to get now discontinued. Does not encourage future purchases.’ Oh dear.

It’s not like any of us needed more reason to buy her products, but now it looks like everyone is desperately trying to get their hands on the palette. While its currently being stocked in Selfridges, one girl from Allure tried to add more than a few into her basket and apparently they wouldn’t let her take that many. Cue the Rose Gold being flogged on Ebay for £200.

If you don’t already have one and you were planning on getting one, we suggest just buying the Desert Dusk instead. Tbh the colours overlap a lot and if anything Desert Dusk has more wearable shades, in our opinion anyway. Save your money, save yourself the anxiety and just get the new one folks. Simples.