This Invisible Fake Tan Won’t Stain Your Bed Sheets


Any fake tan addict will know the annoyance of waking up with orange bed sheets. It’s a symptom of our tanning addiction and cannot be helped. Until now that is, because we have actually found an invisible fake tan that won’t leave your sheets looking like an oompa loompa slept in them!

The world of transparent tanning is all thanks to Tan-Luxe’s The Water self-tanning elixir. The Water gives you a golden glow that’s bursting with skin-goodness. It’s created with a blend of purified water, vitamins B, C and E and caffeine, so your skin gets a health kick, (not to mention cellulite too…)

The formula is quick drying so you can spray, blend and go, with the tan then developing in 2-4 hours. And the best part???? It’s water. It’s transparent. And there’s no streaks, no stains, no smells!

Invisible fake tan? Honestly, it’s the future. We’ve not looked back since trying it.

And if you don’t like using body tan on your face, Sleep Oil from Tan-Luxe has your name all over it. The rejuvenating miracle tanning oil works in tandem with your skin’s overnight skin regeneration.

Waking up with the perfect glow this morning thanks to SLEEP OIL ✨#hellotanluxe #thetanline

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The oil revitalises and hydrates your skin while you sleep, and gives you a youthful and gorgeous glow when you wake up. It’s paraben, chemical and sulphate free, and tbh you just can’t really go wrong. Just apply 6-10 drops (amount depends on the depth of the tan) directly to your face, and voila! A golden glow with no mess.

By Ella Proctor