Kate Middleton Had A Haircut And Donated Some Of It To A Cancer Charity


It’s not out of the ordinary that Kate Middleton’s haircut makes the headlines. Well, we guess that’s just part and parcel of being married to the future King of England.

But, this time around, there’s actually another reason behind the media attention. And it definitely deserves to be highlighted.

The Duchess of Cambridge is said to have recently donated some of her hair to a cancer charity.

Her strands are to be used by an organisation that creates real hair wigs for children and young adults that have, sadly, lost their own hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

A royal source is said to have spoken to the Daily Express, explaining that Kate came up with the idea during a recent trip to see her hairdresser.

‘While Joey was snipping away the idea came to her of doing some good with it rather than throwing it away,’ the unnamed source reportedly told the publication.

‘She mentioned it to Joey, who thought it was a brilliant idea.’

Natch, to avoid any commotion, it’s thought that this special donation to the Little Princess Trust was made completely anonymously.

‘The trust didn’t know it was from a royal source – they just thought it was from a female donor in the Kensington area,’ the report explained.