Kendall Jenner’s New NYFW Hair Is All Kinds Of Yes

With shy and retiring sisters (not) Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in town, Kendall upped her NYFW game to ensure all eyes were on her.

The model showcased her new look at the Target X IMG NYFW Kickoff Event. Wearing a silky cami and bomber Kendall’s usually one length lob was pulled into a high, loose bun revealing a brand new fringe.

kendall jenner, fringe, hair, nyfw

The chopped in bangs loosely framed the model’s pretty face in an easy-to-wear peekaboo style. Just the thing to draw all of the attention away from her sisters at NYFW.

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kendall jenner, fringe hair, nyfw

Victoria Beckham’s Hairstylist Knows Fringes

Celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier, who look after the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Laura Whitmore, gave us the lowdown on how to work a new season fringe…

Who suits a fringe?

For me, if a client asks for a fringe I will happily cut one in, as everyone can suit a fringe of some description. they look especially great in the cooler months – autumn is the perfect time to explore the fringe benefits!

Does face shape matter?

A fringe can help balance out certain areas of the face, draw attention to and away from certain features, and give you an instant new look.

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Is there anything else to think about?

It’s all in the eyes – if yours are considered either too wide apart or too close together, you might wish to avoid short, straight statement bangs, irrelevant of face shape.

What’s your fave style of fringe?

Long bangs that are slightly tapered on the sides. This is my favourite fringe, so sixties and incredibly sexy. Think Bardot. Perfect for those with slightly square faces.

Avoid Using Straighteners On Fringes

What about heart-shaped faces?

They look adorable with a cute side fringe, as this can help balance the shape of the face and draw attention to the eyes and mouth. Gently layered, with the longest layer at the cheekbone and the shortest at the arch of your brow will work for most.

Who should avoid a fringe?
Ladies with rounder faces often avoid fringes but they can actually provide the face with needed contour. A round face can appear more oval and elongated if we cut in a choppy fringe which ends about 3cm above the brow. This diffuses the roundness. If you then style it slightly to the side and add a bit of height to the crown…

Is a fringe a nightmare to maintain?

Realistically, you are looking for a fringe trim every fortnight. Set the alarm 15 minutes early as bedhead bangs are a no-no. The whole point of a fringe is to draw attention to the face – so you can’t let it go untamed. Damp it through and blow dry each day. Avoid using a straightening iron as it leaves bangs looking too straight.

What if I have fine hair?

A fringe can make hair look instantly thicker simply because the front section looks fuller when shorter. Use a volumising, root-lifting spray to add oomph to your fringe and create movement.

And curly…?
I absolutely adore curly fringes. They look so fresh and untampered with – when styled well. If you have curly hair do not straighten the fringe.  Soften and smoothen with a round brush and a loose styling cream, to slightly loosen the curl.

By Ellen Kerry