Kourtney Kardashian’s New Hair Is Just What We’ve Been Looking For

We never thought she'd go for the chop.

The Kardashian’s have been experimental with their hair for as long as we can remember. Kylie, who we can safely say takes the crown for the most hair colour changes in one year, has gone from blue, to green to pink then yellow.

Kim’s had her fair share of styles, the most memorable being a bleach blonde stint, which she has now returned to after going back to black for a while.

Khloe, who kept her hair dark for the majority of the first few seasons of the show blossomed into a bright blonde a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

And lets not forget Kendall, who shocked us all earlier this year after cutting her long locks into a super short bob.

As it stands, Kourtney has managed to hold down the natural hair fort, steering clear from crazy colours or styles. In we’re pretty sure she’s kept it natural ever since she first went on KUWTK.

But, it looks like Kourt has FINALLY decided to change up her hair and boy does it look good. Two days ago she posted a rather sexy mirror selfie showing off a newly chopped ‘do.

don’t worry, i ordered a new phone case last night

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It’s not quite a short as Kendall’s, but considering just last month she was sporting a sleek, super long pony we definitely weren’t expecting her to do this.

Falling slightly bellow her shoulders and looking perfectly tousled, we’re coining Kourtney’s new look as the short style for people scared of short hair.

It’s a little longer than a lob, so you can still do a lot with it and it’s a great update if you’re getting bored of your hair (hear, hear) but don’t want to commit to anything too drastic.

We’re planning to visit our hairdressers this weekend and will be armed with this picture. Ps: Kourt, you look amaze.