Kylie Jenner Is Launching A New Lip Kit Shade

Pssst… they’re pretty gorgeous.

Kylie Jenner is reining the makeup game right now.

Since launching her first ever Lip Kit shades almost a year ago, she has released a total of 15 lip kits, 7 glosses, 4 metal liquid lipsticks, 2 eyeliner kits and 1 eyeshadow palette * takes breath *!

Each and every one of those products have created a HUGE buzz amongst beauty lovers and the sell out times have been insane, with many products selling out in under a minute.

That’s quite an achievement to both Kylie and those speedy clickers!

Just when we thought we’d got over the excitement of her last release, Kylie has revealed a brand new lip kit shade, which will be available TODAY from the official Kylie Cosmetics website.

SMILE for @smiletrain launches tomorrow!

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The pretty pink shade is called Smile, and has been created for the charity Smile Train – an international children’s charity that helps treat clefts in the world’s poorest countries.

The lip kit is not only beautiful, but also benefits an amazing cause, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the charity. Ah-mazing!

Smile will be launched at 11am PST TODAY from the Kylie Comsetics website.

Kylie’s other most recent lip kit releases were also a huge sucess, unsurprisingly of course.

Creamy Liners > ? 8/26

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Her previous shade releases have been bold and slightly crazy colours, but for her next move Kylie is taking it back to basics.

The three shades are called Brown Sugar, Dirty Peach and Love Bite and all remind us of the lip colours that Kylie is famous for – wearable but still stunning muted, nude tones.

DIRTY PEACH! New lip shade launching this FRIDAY 12pm pst.

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LOVE BITE! the perfect purple mauve. THIS FRIDAY 12pm pst.

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Kylie has coined Brown Sugar the “perfect nude for darker skin tones”, Dirty Peach is a ultra-pretty dark peach nude and Love Bitch is what Kylie has described as “the perfect purple mauve”.

There’s no room for disagreement there, because the shades do look absolutely drop dead gorgeous on Kylie and her squad in the promotional pics.

Brown Sugar. Tomorrow 8/26 12pm.

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There’s not long left to wait until the launch of Smile so get those alarms set and debit cards at the ready if you don’t want to miss out…

By Catherine Delves