Love Island’s Olivia Buckland’s *Genius* Beachy Waves Hack

Looking for effortless, easy waves? Well, Love Island's Olivia is about to let you in on her genius hair straighteners hair hack...

There are tonnes of different ways of achieving beachy waves. But Love Island‘s Olivia Buckland’s hair hack has to be one of the most genius techniques we’ve ever seen.

Some women like to curl with tongs. Others like to create their waves with hair straighteners. But whatever your preferred technique, there’s no denying that creating gorgeous curls is NOT a quick process.

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olivia buckland

Olivia starts by dividing her hair into four equal plaits…

However, Olivia’s just shared her easy peasy hair hack on Instagram that might just change your hair routine for life.

‘Final #BucksBeautyDay #BeautyHack and this is also another HUGE fav of mine and it’s soooo easy can’t believe no one I speak to ever knows this trick!!’, Olivia wrote alongside her beauty video.

The video begins with Liv working four super cute plaits in her hair, as she explains to her fans: ‘Sometimes when you curl your hair it takes absolutely ages.’

olivia buckland

Next, clamp down your straighteners on the plaits to heat

‘I know it look a bit silly right now but trust me, it’s worth it’.

So, how does it work? Well, by literally taking your straighteners and clamping them down at the top of each plait for around five seconds. Then, move down the plait to apply heat to the rest of the length.

Once that’s done, undo your plaits to reveal a whole head of beautiful waves. Erm, easy or what?!

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olivia buckland

Et voila! Gorgeous beachy waves!

‘You end up with a really cute beachy wave which is super quick!’, Liv says at the end of her video.

Totally genius. And her fans agreed.

‘Loving @OliviaDBuck tutorials on #BucksBeautyDay on Instagram, given me so many ideas, thank you!❤️’, one fan gushed.

‘We have to try this!!!’, another Liv fan said to her friend.

Saturday night disco hair, here we come!