A Love Letter To MAC Brave: The Lipstick That Changes Lives

As online searches for MAC lipsticks soar by an impressive 950%, Deputy Fashion News Editor Hannah Banks-Walker reveals her ever-growing obsession with one shade in particular…

MAC Brave Lipstick, £15.50

“This isn’t my fault. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I blame my friends.” So goes the speech I recite as I find myself at the beauty counter, fervently stockpiling the life-changing lipstick that is MAC Brave. But wait: let me start at the beginning.

I’m lucky enough to have one of those core groups of friends that travels with you through life. School, university, Whatsapp groups… we’ve cried, laughed and endured the Megabus together. But a while back, I started feeling slightly left out of a recurring conversation they would have each and every time we were together.

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MAC Brave

L-R: Beth, Brittany, Annie and Charlotte, (a.k.a my pals) all wearing MAC Brave

There were oohs and aahs I couldn’t quite decipher, until one of them thrust a MAC lipstick into my hand. “It’s called Brave and it’s INCREDIBLE,” she began. Then they all joined in: “You can wear it to work!” “You can wear it for nights out!” “It inspires the every day girl to be courageous enough to sport lippy in the daytime!” I didn’t even make that last quote up.

MAC Brave

MAC Brave even improves those awkward office selfies you take for the purposes of a feature…

So, to stave off the FOMO, I tried it. And I’ve never looked back. It’s classed as pink-beige and it has a satin finish, meaning it glides on like a dream and doesn’t cake. I’d never bought a MAC product in my life and now I can’t stop. But I promise you this: my friends don’t lie. Well, not about Brave, anyway. It really does suit everyone. I’ve started recommending to everyone I know. Family members, colleagues, strangers in the street…

MAC Brave

I’ve even forced this lipstick onto my colleagues. This is Vic, our Senior Picture Researcher and recent convert to the Brave club

Still not convinced? I’ll let my friend Charlotte sum it up: “It’s so bloody versatile and I love it.” Go on, be Brave. Buy yours here.