MAC’s Rainbow Lipsticks Are Giving Us Life

So many colours.

You can always count on MAC for some of the coolest collections in town, and their latest lipstick line is no exception. Named ‘Liptensity’ it consists of 24 super shades which are some of the brightest, most vivid we’ve ever seen.

Amazingly, the range was inspired by Maureen Seberg who is a tetrachromat, which means she can see up to 100 million colours that other people can’t. Neat, huh? She used her super human skills to help MAC develop the collection and the results are lipstick colours like we’ve never seen before.

All of the shades are standout from your average lippy, and with so many to chose from we are certain there will be one that’s perfect for you. The one of a kind collection launches this month and will be in stores in America on September 21st.

We’re not sure when it will drop onto our shores but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it will be soon because there are two shades we’ve got our eye on – Marsala and Fireworks, we’re looking at you.