The Internet Is *Losing* It Over This Magnetic Face Mask…

It looks so much fun, and the reviews are pretty glowing...

Whether it’s using gravity, oxygen or magnets – we LOVE it when skincare gets scientific.

There’s something super fun about using a product that claims to harness unusual skincare technology, and the latest internet craze does just that.

People are obsessing over the Dr Brant Magnetight Age-Defier Face Mask, which contains magnets – so cool!

The Magnetight mask is said to be suitable for all skin types, and has been designed specifically to combat and prevent signs of ageing, claiming to leave the skin looking youthful and radiant.

At $75 a pop, we would hope that this mask would leave our skin looking like a new born baby’s, but there’s no denying the brand’s amazing reputation when it comes to skincare.

Dr Brant is the brand behind a number of cult skincare products such as the hugely loved Pores No More Primer and the Triple Peptide Eye Cream, making it no surprise that beauty gurus everywhere have been quick to try out this interesting mask for themselves.

YouTubers Shaaanx0, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook have all taken to the internet to broadcast their reactions…

In the videos, you can see the mask being applied and then pulled off by the magnet included.

The magnet pulls away the residue of the mask and leaves behind a moisturising serum which you can then massage into your skin.

The feedback is pretty impressive, with Jeffree and boyfriend Nathan saying, ‘There’s no tingling, no burning, there feels like there’s nothing on my face, it feels really lightweight’ and mentioning that it smells like ‘a guy deodorant or cologne’.

Tati also rated it, stating in her video ‘I give it an A-‘. Ooh.

She mentioned it felt extremely moisturising and that her skin felt really good: ‘It’s a cool mask to try out and I will use it again because it’s fun’.

Shaanxo said she loved how rich and moisturising the mask felt, but did mention that it felt kind of gimmicky. Hmm.

She said, ‘Honestly it feels incredible but could I be bothered going to that much effort just to moisturise my skin? I don’t know…’

The reviews are mixed, but no one has been able to deny how fun and satisfying the mask looks to remove…

Would you give it a go?

By Catherine Delves