Why Michelle Keegan’s Not Entirely Happy With Her Hair Right Now

The Our Girl actress has just gone back to brunette - but she's suffering some after effects of her transformational blonde dye job....

Michelle Keegan might be back to her her brunette roots, but she’s still not 100% happy with her beauty look.

Going from blonde to brown is a pretty heavy dye job, as most women will know, and it sounds like Michelle is still suffering the after-effects of hitting the bottle.

In fact, she says it actually made her a little ‘paranoid’.

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Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan returned to her brunette roots at the weekend…

‘I was paranoid that my hair would fall out’, the 29-year-old revealed to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw. ‘I never would have gone blonde in my life though.

‘I just wanted to be able to look back in 10 years and say, “remember that time I went blonde?'”

Mich also revealed the the condition of her hair isn’t as top notch as it used to be – which is a common side effect of bleaching.

michelle keegan


‘It went so dry and crispy’, the actress said. ‘It’s even dry now!’ Nothing a few hair masks and a whole load of serum won’t sort, Mich.

At least the actress gave her locks a bit of a break whilst filming Our Girl, as she revealed to Nick that she totally relaxed her beauty regime whilst in South Africa.

‘I had to walk around with greasy hair and it was great!’ she said. ‘I obviously couldn’t put make-up on either.’

With or without the blonde, we think Michelle’s looking fab. (To be fair, this is a woman who could pull off ANY hair hue in the world.