Did You Notice This About Meghan Markle’s Makeup During Her Trip To The Palace?

By Victoria Moorhouse

From the editors of InStyle US

Meghan Markle just wore your favourite ’90s makeup trend to have lunch with the Queen.

No, we’re not talking blue eyeshadow, but baby pink lip gloss that is almost as shiny as that ring on her left finger.

She was spotted wearing the look while in the car with Prince Harry on their way over to a Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace.

Since the pictures were captured through a car window, we don’t have a perfect view. But we think that’s definitely a slick of gloss that we spy. And we’re here for it.

No word on the exact product she reached for, but it appears that Meghan opted for a subtle pink-nude, which fits with the Royal beauty aesthetic if their go-to nail polish choices tell us anything.

We love it for its nostalgia, but it’s also a refreshing Christmas beauty idea to copy if you’re not one for the traditional red lipstick and shimmery shadow combo.

As for the rest of her look, Markle went with her signature shiny blowdry, blush, and simple black eyeliner.

Gorgeous, as ever.