The Ordinary Are Launching A New Foundation And It Looks Amazing

The excitement is real!

Remember The Ordinary’s crazy successful foundation which came out earlier this year? Yes, the one with the massive waiting list that sold out EVERYWHERE. It was good, wasn’t it. We loved it for its surprisingly great coverage and fab price (£6 anyone?).

Well, we have some news for you. The Internet’s favourite brand are releasing a new product – the Watercolour Skin Tint. The Ordinary teased the new addition to their family on Instagram in the beginning of the week, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

What we know so far is that the Watercolour Skin Tints will be released in December, they are ‘oil-free, silicone-free and look super natural’, they are incredibly lightweight (see video below) and the range will cover all skin tones. To be honest, there’s nothing more we might want from a foundation.

The Ordinary’s new foundation will come just in time for your Christmas shopping, and imagine how happy your friends will be to receive a lightweight, Instagrammable foundation in their stocking. And it won’t cost you much, as we hear the brand is staying true to itself and keeping the new Skin Tints budget-friendly.

The brand broke the news with an Instagram post and here’s the caption: “Watercolours are coming. In December (just as we will still be recovering from Black Friday). And it’s all admittedly very misleading because they are technically thinner than water. Everyone tells us December is the worst time to launch anything which is perfect because maybe we would for once not have any stock issues at launch. (Now the complicated questions… a) what are they? oil-free, silicone-free skin tints that look super natural; b) how much will they cost? umm… The Ordinary is written on them; c) how lightweight will they be? the liquids used in the video are all actual Watercolours; d) will the range cover all skin tones? that’s obvious… we are from Canada) ❤”

By Kristina Ivanova