Updated Updos: 3 Easy Ideas For Party Hair

Celeb approved party hairstyles, so easy you can do them at your desk…

Looking for a party hairstyle idea but don’t want to spend ages of time and effort on your ‘do? You’re in luck. Because we’ve found three updated updo ideas, that are so easy – you can do them at your desk.

Party Hairstyle Ideas

The Neap Knot

As seen on: Kendall Jenner
Time taken: 2 minutes
Difficulty level: 2/10

Simple but still chic-looking – slick your hair back and twist into a knot at the neap of your neck. Secure with a hair tie and you’re done!

The Power Pony

As seen on: Perrie Edwards
Time taken: 6 minutes
Difficulty level: 4/10

Secure your hair into a ponytail and then fasten more hair ties along the length of your pony. Use your fingertips to tease more hair out of each ‘bubble’ to create extra volume. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

The Plait Back

As seen on: Hailey Baldwin
Time taken: 9 minutes
Difficult level: 6/10

One for the more advanced – start by plaiting a French braid down the center of your parting, continuing down the length of your hair. Once secured, use your fingers to pull apart each section of plait to create more body and volume. Loop the end of your braid into a knot and secure with bobby pins.