The One Thing UK Shoppers Hate About Primark’s New Highlighters


It’s really no surprise that Primark’s latest beauty drop is causing a bit of a stir.

Everyone loves a Primani bargain, from these £14 designer style heels to their soft Autumn knits that got over 77K likes.

And don’t forget those £16 Disney blankets that nearly broke the internet last month (we’ll take four, please).

So naturally the announcement of new Primark liquid highlighters sent budget beauty lovers into meltdown.

These days anything under a tenner that promises an intense glow is a guaranteed sellout, so of course highlighter enthusiasts everywhere wanted to get their hands on a Primark highlighter costing only £5.

There’s just one problem.

Although their new, affordable liquid highlighters look incredible, UK customers are being left ‘disappointed’ by their release because of one slight oversight.

Take a look at their Instagram post below and see if you can spot why.

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Hint: check the emoji flags.

See it?

Yup, unfortunately these dreamy highlighters are being sold just about everywhere BUT the UK. Actual nightmare.

‘Why are these not available in the UK?’ one user demanded, ‘I mean, they’re not available in the UK bye’ wrote another.

One user even tagged her relative in the States, begging them to go and pick some of the highlighters up for her. We feel you, Leona. We feel you.

Quick, let’s all @ Primark now in the hope they change their minds and bring these to the UK.

By Lucy Abbersteen