Is This The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ever?

We're terrified.

It’s about this time each year that makeup artists and beauty bloggers start gathering their brushes to create some seriously impressive Halloween looks. Granted, not all of them are scary, a few are cute and glitter is usually thrown in for good measure.

But there are always a few that leave us feeling slightly on edge. This is one of them. Mimi Choi is an intricate illusionist makeup artist – which just means she can make things look like they’re there (or in this case not) by tricking our eyes with cleverly placed paint.

We’ve seen a few of these before, but this is the mother of all illusion makeup looks. The American based artist posted this insane picture which she’s calling ‘faceless’ makeup onto Instagram and people are loosing their s*** (us included).

A few people seemed to question if the picture was actually unedited. “This is not Photoshopped – I will post a video after,” she said. Sure enough she then posted a vid of her blinking and moving her head to show that it’s the real deal, no Photoshop in sight.

If you look REALLY close you can just about make out the outlines of her features, but really, we are blown away. We’re not sure what’s more confusing, the fact that it literally looks like she has a massive hole in her head, or the painstaking patience it would have required to execute it – not to mention the amount of black paint.

In her caption she mentions that it only took her 1.5 hours to create – uh, that’s basically how long it takes us to do our Friday night hair and makeup.

We really hope she’s got a good oil cleanser because boy is that going to be hard to get off.