Apparently We’ve All Been Using Highlighter Totally Wrong

It’s actually all about shoulder strobing people!

It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that a good highlighter is the light of a lot of peoples’ lives.

This year has seen highlighting being thrown in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Cheekbones have become radiant and chiselled, Instagram feeds are now blindingly beautiful and our night out makeup has recieved its icing on the makeup cake.

Chillin' out in dem Beverly Hills pads ?

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Yup, highlighters have quickly become one of the most loved products in the beauty industry. But who’s surprised when there are so many gorgeous ones on the market – Jaclyn Hill X Becca’s Champagne Pop, we’re looking at you!

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The bottom line is, we’re addicted to highlighters, which is why we welcome with open arms the news that our highlighter can also be used to beautify other parts of our body…

Yup, shoulder strobing is offically the beauty move of the minute and we are LOVING it.

‘So what exactly is shoulder strobing?’ We hear you ask. Shoulder strobing is highlighting the highest points of your shoulders and decollegtage to extend your glow past your face and give them impression of your intire body dripping in gold.

With the love of luminousity being so HUGE right now, it’s zero surprise that shoulder strobing is receiving major love from beauty junkies everywhere.

Drenched in Champagne Pop?

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As you can see, strobing across your shoulders instantly makes your bone structure pop and your whole body look more radiant with next to no extra effort… It’s the simplified way to take your makeup to a whole other level!

How To Perfect The Look In Three Simple Steps…

  1. Use a fan brush for a buildable, sunkissed look
  2. Apply a cream highlighter and top it with a powder for the ultimate layered luminousity
  3. Sprtiz setting spray or primer water on your brush before applying the product for a wet, non-powdery finish

By Catherine Delves