The £27.99 Hair Styler That Has Totally Changed My Life

Looking for the perfect hair curler? I’m about to let you in on a little secret that could change your life.

If you’re anything like me – basically, utterly useless at doing any form of hair styling – you might also be struggling to use GHD straighteners to achieve that wave. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?

Honestly, I’ve sat there and watched hours and hours of how-to footage, but no matter how many hair tutorials I get through, I just do not have the knack. I’ve come to terms with it.

I miss the sun being in my eyes 🙈 #whyisitsocold

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But as I am only happy when my hair is bouncy and curly, I needed to find another way.

Enter, the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Salon Shine Waves Wand. It may sound like a bit of a mouthful, but this handy hair tool could not be any easier to use.


And at just £27.99, it’s hardly going to break the bank.

Sectioning my mane with hair elastics – all very ad hoc (as I say, I’m a total amateur when it comes to hair so there’s nothing fancy going on over here) – I take a small piece at a time and wrap it around the wand.

Section, twist and repeat. And, after about 45 minutes (I have SRSLY thick hair), it’s all done.

As a little tip: I do my curls super tight at first (Labradoodles, eat your hearts out) but once I’m done I spritz them with a high strength hairspray and then comb them out.

It honestly could not be easier.

The TRESemme wand has actually totally changed my hair routine. And I’ll never look back.