There’s a Basic Bitch Perfume And We Literally Can’t Even Deal

Embrace your inner #basicbitch

Recently, one of my best friends called me a Basic Bitch, as a joke (I think). I laughed and told her that I most certainly am not. And then I thought about it and realised there’s actually a bit of the Basic Bitch in all of us. Amirite?

Let’s use me as an example. My texts are littered in emojis, scented candles are pretty much my life, I can wear yoga pants all day every day, I spend 90% of my time curating my Insta feed, and I really do enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte every now and then.

What i’m trying to say is there aint nothing bad about being a basic – so stop shaming me, because I know you’re the same.

Now, to all you, fellow #BasicBitches, there’s someone else who wants you to embrace it and wear it with pride.

Killian Wells is a perfumer and the nose behind Xyrena, the LA-based brand behind the fragrance inspired by Instagram models and: ‘The majority of the Los Angeles population (both guys and girls).”

Here’s what the Xyrena team have to say about the Basic Bitch fragrance:

“Xyrena set out to create the definitive celebratory fragrance for basic bitches everywhere (both guys and girls alike) but in an ironic twist of fate our olfactory “basic starter-kit” mashup is anything but #basic. Notes include pumpkin spice latte, pages from a worn-out Nicholas Sparks paperback, boxed merlot, suede Ugg®’s, fresh artisan bagel (obvi gluten-free), cold-pressed kale juice, vanilla froyo, velour tracksuit fabric, Sunday Funday mimosa, nail art lacquer, and fresh cut grass from Coachella that’ll have every Basic Bitch hashtagging #TakeMeBack!”

Other products by Xyrena worth your attention are Dark Ride, for which Killian Wells drew inspiration from “water ride staples like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park and Splash Mountain.’

According to Killian, “Xyrena’s Dark Ride features the familiar note of chlorinated water, a thrilling accord of theatrical fog and pyrotechnics and a hint of atmospheric mildew and damp ozone to create ‘the first thrill ride in a bottle.”

#Repost @thecandyperfumeboy ・・・ Chlorine. Fog Machines. Bright Earth. That's Dark Ride by perfumer @KillianWells for @Xyrena – the grand finale of Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent at @SomersetHouse. It honestly smells like a dark water ride at a theme park. You can smell the rubber of the track, the plastic of the car, the chlorine in the dirty water and the fog machines blowing dry mist over the animatronics. It's a phenolic carnival ride that presents the true idea of a theme park attraction rather than the romanticised idea of candy floss and toffee apples. This is high art perfume and it fucking rules #Art #Exhibition #ScentOfTheDay #Perfume #Parfum #Scent #Fragrance #Profumo #Duft #香水 #Instagood #Instadaily #Instabeauty #PerfumeCollection #BBloggers #Beauty #BeautyBlogger #PerfumeReview #Grooming #MaleBlogger #Styleblogger #Style #Luxury #Gentleman #MaleGrooming #GroomingTips #Fashionblogger

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Xyrena’s perfumes are unisex and come in specially designed VHS cases, with eighties-style artwork on the cover, which according to the perfumer will enhance the nostalgic feeling evoked by the scent. First impressions, we freaking love it and why isn’t there one already sitting on our dressing table!? If you love it too and fancy getting your hands on them you can shop them here.

You’re welcome.

By Kristina Ivanova