YSL All Hours Foundation: Meet My New Skin Bae

LOOK's Laura Jane Turner explains why she loves YSL's All Hours foundation...

Finding the best foundation for you can be a pretty tough job.

Like a good pair of jeans, you might end up trying what feels like a zillion different options. But when you find the one that fits, you want to stick with it. Forever.

I’ve written about my skincare journey before now. My beauty resume includes ad hoc breakouts, red blemishes, visible pores and hyper-sensitive skin. Lucky ol’ me.

To say that I struggle to find products that work with my skin is an understatement. Sometimes I’ll be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking I’ve found a new cover-up that works, only to develop an allergy a few weeks later.

As a result, I always used to go back to my trusty foundation – Boots No.7 Beautifully Matte. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll forever have one of these in my make-up bag, but I’ve discovered a new foundation bae that has given me more compliments about my skin than I ever thought possible.

Enter, YSL’s All Hours foundation.

I was dubious at first. I’ve never spent so much on a foundation (although, at £33.50, it’s hardly in break-the-bank territory), and I like a very full coverage in order to hide all of my blemishes et al.

But as soon as I put YSL’s formula on my face, I fell head-over-heels.

It was super easy to apply – I like to use my fingers, don’t judge me – and it smelled glorious.

I also loved how buildable this foundation was. For a night out I always use a heavy concealer and bake under my eyes, as well as applying tonnes of bronzer and my trusty highlighter – and I was super happy with how the YSL picked up the other product. It really did last All Hours as well, keeping a full coverage all night long.

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On a morning when I woke up with a bit of an outbreak on my chin (SIGH), I reached for the YSL bottle. When it came to covering up the blemishes that had decided to appear, I didn’t feel that the coverage was as good as some others – but I also didn’t feel that it made the area any worse. Other foundations can often appear dry and crusty around my pimples, but the YSL foundation didn’t do that.

I think it’s quite hard to find a foundation that promises the thick coverage I crave, whilst not making my skin feel like it’s suffocating – and this definitely wins here.

I’ve also had more compliments than I ever thought possible. If someone had told my 13-year-old self that people would be telling me how ‘amazing’ my skin looks, and asking me what I had done differently, I would have straight up laughed in their face.

And yet here I am. Loving my skin.

Top marks from me, YSL.