This Is How You Can Get Your Hands On Some Free Chanel

*Downloads immediately*

Unless you’ve been taking some time out from Instagram of late, you will surely have seen Chanel’s interstellar-themed extravaganza in Paris earlier this week.

The French fashion house’s show reached new heights (excuse the pun) as Karl Lagerfeld launched a in the Grand Palais as the likes of Kendall, Gigi and Bella take to the catwalk in sixties inspired wares and some seriously snazzy silver boots.

If, like us, you now have a Chanel wish list longer than your arm, then we have some news that might cheer you up.

Chanel are giving us normal folk a way to get our hands on some of their iconic pieces for absolutely zilch. Following the AW17 show, they’ve launched the first ever Chanel emojis. Yep, messaging is about to get a whole lot more chic.

The Chanel iMessage sticker bundle features a range of pink accessories including a cupcake, flag, coffee cup and the aforementioned rocket, all, of course, branded with the iconic interlocking Cs.

Created to promote the brand’s new makeup collection, Rouge Coco Gloss, the fashionable new emojis are available via the iTunes store.

While the Chanel emojis won’t be added to your emoji keyboard, you will be able to add them as stickers when messaging, much like the popular Kimoji app.

Download them here.