Best Halloween Costumes On The High Street

And they're all under £35...

Halloween is the one time of year we all get to dress up without any judgement or funny looks. That’s why Halloween costumes are so important. They’re so important because if you mess it up, you’ve got another 364 days to wait until you can try again. To help you out then, we’ve already put together the best celebrity Halloween costumes to look to for inspiration, and now we’ve taken on the task of finding the best to buy on the high street. The result? 10/10.

We’ll start with the more obvious options. Want to go as a skeleton? Head to Missguided for the sleekest skeleton jumpsuit we’ve ever come across. Yes, skeletons can be sleek, and yes, this one will only cost you £18. Cheerleader? H&M’s black and white co-ord is the perfect cheerleader costume for minimalists. And we couldn’t go without finding the ultimate catsuit- Boohoo’s leopard style is one that’ll work this year and next.

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As for newer ideas, there’s everything from gypsy costumes to mermaid dresses. Snap up Pretty Little Thing’s gypsy costume and complete with face jewels, or choose George at Asda’s mermaid dress and take things one step further with blue hair spray. You know you want to.

All in all then, there’s something for everyone in the high street’s Halloween offering- and as if the styles aren’t enough, we’ve kept everything under £35. No tricks here…