Stop Everything, You Need To Follow This Instagram Account

Guaranteed lols.

Are you sick of scrolling through endless smug holiday snaps and over-filtered selfies? We have found the perfect form of light relief. Introducing Siduations, our favourite new Instagram account.

Dubbed ‘Real Fake News’, the account takes a funny look at the weird and wonderful world of fashion. By superimposing popular celebrity, street style and catwalk looks on pictures of real-life situations, Siduations mocks the ridiculous nature of fashion.

From Balenciaga’s broad shouldered jackets on a football field to Chanel’s metallic capes placed at the finishing line of a marathon race, these clever photo mash-ups are sure to make you chuckle.

Founded by former public relations director, Sidney Prawatyotin, the idea was born when he started experimenting with image-making apps to create funny pictures to send to friends.

His pictures of high-fashion pieces in ordinary situations caught the eye of industry insiders, and his recent take on fashion week saw his follower count skyrocket.

‘I wanted to see if these looks on the runway actually make sense in these different situations and scenarios. That is what started this series, like fashion people and sticky situations. Like, does this work in the real world?’ Prawatyotin told Vogue.

Follow him here.