Are These Sell-Out Leggings The Best In The World…?

If you've been scared to rock leggings before now, these might change everything for you...

Hello my name’s Laura and I have a big butt.

Now I’d like to kick things off by saying that I am certainly not complaining. I happen to love the jelly that nature gave me. But when it comes to clothes shopping, it can definitely pose a few problems.

I’ve previously documented my hunt for the perfect pair of jeans – Topshop’s Joni, FYI – but there was one other item of clothing that I’d pretty much given up on being able to wear.

As any of my curvy sisters will be able to attest, standard leggings have a tendency to go see-through.

I, unfortunately, happened to discover this whilst working behind a bar as a teen; after spending my entire shift bending over to get drinks from the beer fridge, I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so many strange looks and sniggers from the punters. It was only when I recreated the move in front of a mirror that I discovered that EVERYTHING was on display.

I hung up my leggings for good after that.

That was, until I came into contact with SPANX high-rise leggings.

After catching wind of a design that boasted the ability to ‘slim, flatten and smooth’  whilst being a ‘more secure and structured fit than your standard styles’, I had to give them a go.

I didn’t want to hide my shape. But I hoped that these ‘figure flattering’ trous would cope with my curves without the dreaded overstretch.

An ever-so-flattering office snap of my SPANX leggings in action…

SPANX High-Rise Faux Leather Leggings, £89

I’ll rarely wear a pair of bottoms that aren’t high-waisted, so the fact that these babies came with an elasticated panel that reached well above my belly button – whilst cinching in my waist – was a big win.

The best part? The material on these bad boys is showing no sign of thinning down – yup, no underwear mishaps to see here.

At £89 a pop, they’re not cheap. But they’re so worth it.