The Topshop Buy That’s Got Over 45K Likes On Instagram

Spoilers: it's going to be a sell-out

These days a lot of our fashion choices are inspired by the ‘gram.

Whether it’s scrolling through a fashion blogger’s feed or using the app’s shoppable feature, we can probably all admit to buying something just because we saw it on Instagram.

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The latest item Look HQ predicts will be a sell-out is brought to us by the resident fashion geniuses at Topshop.

We’ve always been a sucker for their embroidered jeans, so naturally the latest addition to the MOTO collection has stolen our hearts.

Topshop MOTO Washed Black Floral Jeans


The jeans have already garnered a whopping 45K likes (and counting), making them one of the most liked Topshop Instagram posts of the week.

They’re a fun update on your classic washed black skinnies and the warm floral design is exactly what your Autumn wardrobe needs.

Better be quick if you want a pair though, because they won’t be around for long…

Words by Lucy Abbersteen