An Etiquette Expert On The Worst Foods To Eat On A Date

Dates, first dates especially, are stressful enough without having to deal with the anxiety of choosing the ‘right’ thing on a menu. I’m of the opinion that eating at a restaurant is far too intense of a social ritual to be deployed as a first day but in the event you’re encountering a traditionalist, you need to be prepared.

Etiquette on the first date makes such a difference. While charm can get you a first date, behaving yourself can secure you a second, third and so on.

Writing for Business Insider, one etiquette expert has outlawed certain foods for first dates. It doesn’t matter if you love spaghetti and meatballs, there have been too many sitcom disaster dates to believe ordering it is a good idea…

1. Red Sauces

Be it pasta or fish, red sauces are a delicious and tangy ticket to disaster. Not only do they usually contains a generous amount of garlic, they are the number one culprit for staining situations. Your only hope is that your date doesn’t notice the stain on your top because they’re too busy getting lost in your eyes… probably not, though.

Image credit: Instagram - @moregarlicpls

Image credit: Instagram – @moregarlicpls

2. Lamb or pork chops

It’s uncommon to be in a position where chops are on the menu but if you fancy something meaty, go for a good steak. Chops are really hit-and-miss and if you can’t guarantee their tenderness, give it a miss. The last thing you want to be doing is chewing for 40 seconds while your date eagerly awaits the act two of your “this one time in Zante” story.

3. French Onion Soup

A traditionally classy starter before Wrigleys had a demographic. As well as being notoriously smelly, the gooey cheese can create an awkward Lady And The Tramp moment between you and your bowl; not the sexiest look.

4. Big Sandwiches 

Whether you’re on a lunch date or in a great burger spot, ordering a burger bigger than your head is one convenient way to fracture your jaw on a date. By all means don’t be afraid to order a frivolous burger (especially if he or she is paying) but maybe cut it in half before trying to consume it like a snake does an ostrich egg.

Image credit: Instagram - @burgerandlobster

Image credit: Instagram – @burgerandlobster

5. Ribs

Unless you’re at a top-quality meat restaurant, the chances of your ribs being tender enough to eat with a knife and fork are slim. Your saving grace is that your date has gone for the same thing and is showing no qualms with getting stuck in with their hands.