4 super-simple food and drink hacks you NEED in your life

There are countless things we should change in our diets for both sustainability and health purposes but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small changes in the food and drink today beget dramatic shifts over time.

Whether you want to shed some weight for summertime or just clean out your insides – take Mashable’s advice on these great food and drink hacks.

1. Adopt green tea

Since 2010, it seems everyone and their mum has been peddling the green tea hype. It’s the miracle tea that comes in a variety of refreshing and tasty flavours. I’m not too into it but it’s health benefits can’t be denied. Drinking it before ore after your meals can help stimulate your metabolism, improve brain function and lower your risk of cancer!

2. Dark chocolate

You can look far and wide, you will nothing on the internet that suggests that scoffing a Double Decker on your way home every day is going to help you reach the ripe age of 100. However, if you can’t kick your sweet habit, a square or two of dark chocolate may help you lower your blood pressure!

3. Avocados

Bored of the same breakfasts of cereal and stale toast toppings? Switch to some fresh avocado. They’re crazy high in fibre (which we could all use more of) and loads of heart-healthy fats. Give the Nutella a break and make the switch!

4. Spicy is nice-y (sorry)

I will go hang my head in shame for the terrible sub-line but let me get through this first. If you’re into heat, spices like cayenne pepper and ginger super-boost your metabolism thanks to their capsaicin levels. They can also prevent cancer and release all those feel-good endorphins in the brain.