You’ve Been Slicing Pizza Wrong Your *Whole* Life

There are two arts associated with pizza. You know what? I’d be tempted to call them disciplines… Let’s start that again. The two disciplines associated with pizza are the cooking and the slicing. One of which you’ve been doing wrong your entire life…

Slicing pizza seems like a simple affair. The go-to slice is into eighths by first quartering the pie and then halving each quarter. But this does not account for the wildly diverse pizza eating community of today. This cut is frankly outmoded and is a constant reminder of the antiquated pizza ways of the past…

With half-and-half topping pizzas being all the rage and further liberation for the crust-hating communities, the tried-and-true eighths method doesn’t cut the mustard anymore (neither does putting mustard on your ‘za, gross).

Mathematicians in Liverpool have come up with a whole new way to cut your pizza. It probably is not worth the effort but these intricate cuts are definitely the smartest way to distribute a pizza.

Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley have used geometry to divide pizza intro six equal slices using three long cutting lines. That’s one less slice then it you were swearing by the eighths method.

The two took the theory further by halving each slice and creating a cut where the crust-hating communities that don’t want that extra dough on their pizza. That’s fine, more crusts for the rest of us.


Image credit: arxiv

The two mad scientists took their pizza cutting formula to the absolute next level by using their curved slicing method to create any odd-number of slices. Look at this tweet below to see their method in use on the real life pizza.

These methods will probably never catch on but it’s worth remembering this lesson when you need to split one pizza between a huge group of friends and the classic method isn’t… cutting it anymore.