The £8 Primark Disney Product That’s Got Over 300K Views On Instagram

Yup. You're going to want this RIGHT THE HELL NOW... 🥀🥀🥀

We’re no stranger to a Primark product going nuts, particularly when Disney is involved.

We mean, remember the Beauty and the Beast Chip purse that sparked internet hysteria earlier this year? Yup, it was in such high demand that shoppers were willing to pay more than FIVE TIMES the retail price on eBay in order to get their mitts on it.

Well, we’re here to tell you about the latest must-have buy that’s breaking the internet. Because Primark are back with another offering from one of our favourite Disney flicks – this time, it comes in the form of a Beauty and the Beast lamp.

The Primark homeware buy has taken inspiration from one of the most iconic motifs from the film – yes, of course, we’re talking about the rose at the centre of it all.

The enchanted faux flower has pretty lights within its petals, and it’s incased within a bell jar. Adorbs.

Sharing news of the product on Instagram, Primark captioned the post: ‘The newest must-have to add to your #BeautyAndTheBeast collection! Rose Light £8/€10 (Coming soon to: 🇬🇧🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪🇦🇹) #Primark #Primania#PrimarkXDisney’.


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To show off the full effect of the twinkling lights, the guys over at our favourite high street destination decided to post a video. And, so far, it’s racked up over 300,000 views.

Natch, the comments section is also buzzing with excitement, with many people tagging their friends.

Reactions included: ‘NEED THIS 😍😍’ and ‘Bet they’re gonna be hard to get but il keep my eyes out [sic]…’

Yup. We have a feeling these will be snapped up quick sharp.

But if you’re unable to get your hands on one, we’ve found a few other options that are available to order on the world wide web.

Beauty and the Beast Rose Light

BUY NOW, £18

John Lewis Beauty And The Beast Light-Up Jewellery Box


It’s safe to say that this has gone straight to the top of our Christmas wish-list.

The hype is real.