EXCLUSIVE! Binky Felstead: ‘JP Patterson And I Are Happier Than Ever’

We caught up with the Made In Chelsea star to hear all about becoming a new mummy...

Binky Felstead cannot stop smiling – and it’s easy to see why.

The 26-year-old is so happy right now: her once rocky relationship with Josh ‘JP’ Patterson is ‘better than ever’ (they’ve even just bagged a spin-off reality series following Binky’s announcement that she’s left Made In Chelsea) and most importantly, she’s about to become a mummy. This is definitely Binky’s year.

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Binky Felstead is expecting a little girl with boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson

While launching her new In The Style summer collection, we caught up with Binky to hear all about becoming a mum. While she can’t stop gushing about her baby girl, she’s looking forward to getting back to normal, squeezing into her skinny jeans and enjoying every second of motherhood.

Is she feeling pressure to shed her baby weight quickly? Not really, but she admits if it’ll make her happy, she’s all for a quick (but healthy) transformation.

‘I don’t see why anyone would have an opinion if I did lose it quickly,’ says Binky. ‘As long as you’re doing it the healthiest way and you’re gaining strength from within, then why not? I don’t see why people have such an issue with wanting to feel good.’

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Binky’s main priorities are her newborn baba and JP, who she adorably brings up in every other sentence. Avid MIC fans will know the pair have been on and off since 2015 and in the current series JP’s been criticised for having doubts about moving in with Binky before the birth.

But despite the past, they’re said to be in a really good place. Binky tells us ecstatically that the pair have really pulled through their tough times.

‘We’re better than ever,’ says Binks. ‘He’s amazing. I’m really happy and content, which is making him really happy and content.

‘There’s no pressure. We’re not the most conventional couple but we’re really happy together and that’s all that matters. Our baby is bigger than marriage or moving in together.’

Binky’s summer range is available at InTheStyle.com. For more on her and JP, pick up this week’s issue of LOOK.