Caroline Flack Breaks Her Silence Following Reports Of Her ‘Split’ With Andrew Brady

The Love Island presenter has been forced to hit back at a report about her age...

Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady are said to have split.

According to reports, the Love Island host called time on her romance with the Celebrity Big Brother star after ‘finding out he hadn’t been entirely honest with her,’ sources alleged to The Sun.

Of course, discovering that a relationship isn’t going to work out is never a nice or easy time, but with the added pressure of public scrutiny and speculative media reporting it must be next to impossible to deal with.

What time is it ?

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And one particular news report seems to have grabbed the attention of Caroline, pushing her to hit back on Twitter.

Published in the Daily Star, this article issued a ‘warning’ for Flack to ‘ditch toy boys.’ It then proceeded to reel off a list of younger men that have previously been linked to the presenter – sigh.

Somehow insinuating that there might be some blame to lay at the 38-year-old’s door for her choice in men, the article asked: ‘were the pair doomed from the get go?’


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Enlisting self-help expert Dr Pam Spurr to offer her opinion, she went on to say: ‘It might look like an exciting romantic life that Caroline Flack leads, having dated a string of younger men. After all, what could be more flattering to a woman’s ego then the fact she can attract so many toy boys.

‘But having kicked Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star, Andrew Brady into touch, maybe it’s time she gave up these toy boy relationships.’


Unsurprisingly, Flackers didn’t take kindly to this. Responding on Twitter, the TV presenter wrote: ‘Thanks for the advice Dr Pam, what would you suggest as my treatment?

‘A course of anti women pills, and a shot of mind your own f**king business?’

The fact that a woman is being blamed for her breakup without any details or facts surrounding what really happened, especially when it’s being linked back to her age, is pretty disheartening.

Sending our love to Flack.