Viewers Blast MIC’s Jamie Laing And Frankie Gaff’s ‘Painful’ Relationship

Have the viewers finally had enough?

They’ve been described as ‘the new Spencer and Louise’, which fans of Made In Chelsea will probably understand isn’t a massive compliment.

On-off couple Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff have been entertaining fans over the past year with their romantic drama, and a whole heap of cheating accusations, tears and denials.

But after last night’s ep (22nd May), in which we saw Jamie accused of drunkenly kissing another girl (yep, again), viewers of the show seemed to have finally had enough of their relationship.

Words like ‘childish’, ‘toxic’ and ‘laughable’ were thrown around on social media, after we saw Frankie having yet another confrontation with Jamie. One viewer even tried to start a petition to rid the show of the pair.

When Frankie told Jamie she’d seen pictures of his infidelity, he defended himself by arguing: ‘I can’t say I didn’t peck anyone… You are always going to have situations with me where someone is going to say: “Oh Jamie was flirting with that person.”

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‘That’s what’s going to happen. It’s the type of guy I am, I’m not going to change for anyone. This is who I am. I’m a flirty guy.’

This came after the previous episode’s accusations of Frankie supposedly propositioning Chelsea newcomer Harry Baron, which turned into an explosive row over a very expensive dinner and resulted in the dramatic duo storming out of the party hand-in-hand like partners in crime.

Safe to say, a lot of viewers have had enough:

Twitter was flooded with complaints from fans of the show:

Others took to the site to share their views on the ‘boring’ couple, with one writing: ‘#MadeInChelsea when a relationship is that toxic it’s time to quit, Frankie and Jamie are making each other miserable, it’s painful to watch.’

More messages read: ‘#MadeInChelsea Honestly Jamie and Frankie just go away so bored with them now!’ and: ‘Jamie and frankie are pretty laughable #MadeInChelsea.’

Will Jamie and Frankie make it through this scandal like they have so many times before?

MIC is back Monday 29 May.

By Emily Jefferies